Such a tease.

26 Oct

Happy weekend everyone!


I’ve been talking about making BIG changes to sweet little Strength in Freedom for months now, and I’m sure you have probably started to think they were never going to actually come to fruition (I’ve thought that a time or two myself).

But, I am delighted to announce that the new site is almost ready to go! Jenny, the Head Nut at Peanut Butter and Jenny Designs has been hard at work creating a kick-ass new page for me, and in the next 48 hrs is going to be transferring my WP account to a self-hosted one.

I can’t wait to reveal the new page–you can expect some really fun vlogs, inspired written posts, and get to keep up with me as a teacher, not just a blogger.

Do I say it? I can’t decide if I should tell you the best part or not yet…

Ok, you deserve to know if you’re reading this on a Saturday.


I’ll be offering FREE YOGA CLASSES! The goal is one each week, with a different theme for each one. Plus, I’ll have a space for personal consultations where I can help you develop your own yoga and meditation practice, and give you guidance on living a healthier and happier life all around. Exciting?? I think so! And I really hope you do too!

So before all this magic can happen, we have to do a little behind the scenes magic of our own, so SIF will be down for a couple days. Not to worry, though, it will be back up  and better than ever!

In the meantime, you can look at these pictures of yummy secret recipes I made this weekend, and wait patiently for me to post them.

RIght in time for Halloween--this scary looking bowl of pumpkin deliciousness!

RIght in time for Halloween–this scary looking bowl of pumpkin deliciousness!



Love you all!


Anywho, before the fun begins